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  • Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel with special token white guy, Kevin

    Summary Maggie and Harmony are exploring superheroes this week with two Marvel favorites Spider-Gwen and Ms. Marvel. They employ Spiderman expert Kevin, the colonizer, this episode to help them dissect Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez and Ms. Marvel, Vol. 4: Last Days by G. Willow Wilson and […]

  • Saga #1

    Summary In this episode, Maggie and Harmony kick off a month full of comic books, starting with cult favorite, Saga. They discuss anti-P.C. and soldier culture, colonization, weird sex kinks, alternative family structures and more. This episode is definitely not for children.  What we’re reading:  The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith Guenevere, Queen […]

  • Bite Sized Bits Through the Ages 1930: Helene Johnson

    Summary Maggie and Harmony continue their new series, Bite-Sized Bits Through the Ages, in which they review smaller pieces of literature over the last century through a feminist lens. In this episode, they talk about the poetry of Helene Johnson, a Harlem Renaissance writer. Maggie and Harmony dissect the poems “Sonnet to a Negro in […]

  • Oh, it’s Kind of Disappointing: An RGBC blooper episode

    Summary Hi everyone, We’re on break this week as we prepare for a month full of comic book content. Join us next week for our series Bite-Sized Bits Through the Ages, 1930 when we focus on the poetry of Helene Johnson.  Go here to find several poems we’ll be referencing throughout the episode. […]

  • Feminist Reads and Boozy Delights: an RGBC Valentine’s Day Special

    Summary In Maggie’s words, “Valentine’s Day sucks,” so why not curl up with your favorite feminist read and a delightful alcoholic concoction? Maggie and Harmony get together in this silly episode to discuss 10 book and cocktail pairings.  Books and Drinks:  The Witches of New York by Ami McKay  Drink: Dark and Stormy  Difficult […]

  • Lilith’s Brood: Imago (part 3 of the Xenogenesis series)

    Summary Maggie and Harmony finish Lilith’s Brood with their exploration of Imago. In this novel, they discuss codependency within relationships, toxic power dynamics, coercion and the monsters in the Sci-fi genre.   Check out our Sponsors:  Ro Gallery  Ballsy Use the coupon code Rebel20 for 20 percent off of your purchase of the You’re […]

  • Difficult Women: I am a Knife

    Summary In this episode, Maggie and Harmony revisit Difficult Women by Roxane Gay and dive into the short story “I am a Knife” they explore the feminist ideal of the independent woman, the hardship of miscarriage, the relationship between life and death, and the ways people cope with trauma.  Check out the promo for Brook […]