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00:00:01 And I mean, like everyone’s trying to tell me their issues and I’m like, bitch. Can you just queue up my job girls book, club? I’m Harmony and I’m a G and we’re here to take it into sexual feminist approach the books from all over the Spectrum. Bestsellers. These got you covered that one book from English class seated, while you read, but you can’t forget to stop by to comic books non-fiction. It’s all right here to grab your sister, grabbed your blankets and let’s get rebellious about your favorite new reeds.

00:00:45Hello and welcome back to season 3 of Rebel girls book club. I am your host Harmony and Maggie unfortunately is not with me but this is a short little Prelude episode to give you all an explanation as to why that is going to let Maggie, speak about that a little bit later. On. The shell, will season 3 of Rebel girls book club is going to look a little bit different because unfortunately Maggie cannot join me for season 3, but she will still be involved. So that means that in order to make the show, something that is sustainable and something that can be operated by one woman this year. We’re going to go on a fortnightly schedule. So tomorrow you’re going to get the first episode. It is a lovely conversation with Raffia. Zakariya. Who is the author of our first book, this season called against white feminism. It is fantastic.

00:01:45 Agreed. And I had a really great time talking with her. So I hope you all TuneIn. I think you’ll enjoy it this season. When we are not interviewing authors, or when I’m not, interviewing off. Thursday, shows are going to be a lot shorter. We will still be doing or I will still be doing close reading, but I might have some other segments in there as well. And on weeks, when you’re not getting the full, 20 to 30 minute episode of Rebel, girls book club. Maggie has a special surprise for you and it is called Maggie time. So now he’s going to be leaving us, little voicemails about what she is reading each week and to celebrate the inauguration of season 3. We have a special treat right now. It is time for Maggie time now,

00:02:54Hello world and welcome back to Rebel girls book club. I’m Maggie and things are going to look a little bit different around here for the next couple of months. I’ve had a lot of capital L life happen, over our Hiatus. During the summer, some of that good bought a house, some of it, not so good which means that I’m not going to be hanging out with Harmony on air for a couple of months while I essentially sort my shit out, but never fear. I’ll be hanging out with you guys. And these little voicemails 2 or 3 minutes, every couple of weeks just to let you know what I’m reading. What I’m up to sew on my end. That’s what you can expect for the next few months to dive and do what I’ve got to Reed’s, hear some book recommendations. If you will that I wanted to tell you about. So this first book that I read recently is called inheritors by Asaka serizawa and it

00:03:54Was so good. I always roll my eyes. When people describe books, as be hot or whatever. That’s the only word. I can really think to describe the writing in this book. The stories are just so tightly woven every word, feels like it was really purposefully chosen put on the page for a reason. I mean the sentence by sentence rating is really beautiful, but then also the motifs in the themes that come up in each story. Just feels so I don’t know, they’re just so beautiful and they’re so meaningful and they weave together. This really gorgeous Porche craft standpoint, but then topically as well. I mean, this is a book that almost feels like a collection of short stories. It reminds me a lot of the address. He’s home going. So if you like that, I highly recommend and it follows five generations of the same family Japanese and Japanese American families as they’re essentially all dealing with and dealing with the aftermath of world.

00:04:54 42in what that event was actually like in the Pacific. And so it’s this really intense story about colonialism and War and to race and identity and what makes a family of families. So essentially each chapter follows one, then yet almost this family’s history. So one member of the family and each chapter and it’s just so beautiful. I don’t know. I finished it a couple of days ago and it really, really, really stuck with me. So I highly recommend to that. And then the second book is one that I am currently almost done with that. I’m reading a song, Blow Water by Bethany simaro. And this is like a light fantasy. Why a book about two girls Tavia and Effie? Who are living in a world that’s similar to our own but like a little bit magical Tavia is dealing with

00:05:54Going to hide a portion of her identity because she’s a siren and only black women can be Sirens. So, she’s really wrestling with what it means to deal with all of those identities. And then as he is dealing with PTSD from and magical event, that happened to her as a child and trying to figure out who and what she is after, she loses her biological family and it’s folded into tavius, family. And it’s just, it’s really. It’s like a very everydaystory. I would say and then there’s not a ton of plot happening, but it’s this is really a Vista reading, takes out of her current modern society, super socially aware socially sharp with just like, this little bit of magic folded in and the magic, doesn’t take away from that social sharpness. It just enhances it and amplifies it. And I’m really, really enjoying it. I already have the second book downloaded on audio book because I’m ready to just jump right in afterwards. So those are two books and reading is a moment, would highly recommend and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

00:06:54What’s another voice mail for you? So talk to you soon. Goodbye.

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00:07:53See you soon, and remember to read rebelliously.

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